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How to Set a Vinyl Fence Post? 

The best way to ensure that your vinyl fence lasts for decades is to make sure that you set the posts correctly. You can do this by following a few simple tips and procedures. 

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First, you must dig the post holes. This is probably the most difficult part of installing a fence, but it is an essential step in order to achieve the best results. You can do this manually with a shovel or you can rent a post-hole digger to handle the job more quickly and more efficiently. 

Once you have the holes dug, you must set the posts in them. It is essential to do this carefully and correctly, as incorrectly set posts will cause your fence to come loose or fall over. 

For this reason, it is important to use the correct size of post for your fence and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to set them. If your local building codes require a certain number of posts in the ground, you should also be careful to follow them closely. 

After you have properly set the post, you must then install the rails. This process may sound a little complicated, but it is actually quite straightforward once you understand the basic concept behind it. 

Depending on the type of rails you have, they may come with tabs that are molded into them. If so, these can be removed with the aid of a pair of vise grips or channel lock pliers. If not, they can be removed using a hacksaw. 

If you have a horizontal rail on your fence, there are likely to be decorative openings in the middle of the rail that can be accessed using a flat-head screwdriver. Alternatively, you can also cut out these openings. 

This is a good option, as it makes the rails easier to remove and reinstall later on. You can also use a hacksaw to cut away any metal tabs that are still attached to the rail. 

Finally, you will need to sand down the rough edges that are a part of the rails. If you do not, they will be very noticeable when you reinstall the rails on your vinyl fence. 

You can sand down the edges of the rails with a belt sander or a hand sander. A sander is especially effective if you have a lot of hard-to-reach places to work on. 

If you do not have a sander, it is possible to remove the edges of the rails with a sharp knife and a file. It will be necessary to clean the blade afterward, though, as the grit left from the knife can damage the surface of the rails. 

A final tip is to sand down any metal that may be exposed in the rails, especially if you have a lot of these tabs in your rails. This will prevent them from rusting and help them to look as good as new when you reinstall them on your vinyl fence.