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How to Set Cedar Fence Posts? 

Cedar fence posts are a durable and attractive fencing option that is environmentally friendly, affordable, and easy to install. They don’t require any chemical treatments and are resistant to the sun’s UV rays, making them an economical choice for your next fence project. 

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How to Set Cedar Fence Posts?

There are several different ways you can set fence posts in your yard, depending on the type of soil you have. If you have dense, well-draining soil, you can install your fence posts directly into the soil. However, if the soil is rocky, sandy, or muddy, you’ll need to use concrete to ensure your fence stays strong and stable. 

1. Dig the Post Holes

To get started, you’ll need a post-hole digger, some scrap wood, gravel, and some sand. The goal is to dig the hole about half as deep as the height of your fence, or one-third of its length. 

2. Drill the Posts into Place

Once you have the holes drilled, it’s time to drop your cedar fence posts into them. To do this, make sure your stakes are level with the ground and that your lines are straight. If necessary, you can drive in guide stakes that will help you keep your line straight as you work. 

3. Sand and Fill Your Post Holes

The final step to setting your cedar fence posts is to sand and fill the holes with gravel. You’ll need about 6 inches of gravel and a level to make sure the post is sunk firmly into the ground. Once you’re satisfied with the level of your post, tamp it down to ensure it is firmly in place. 

4. Finish Your Fence With Concrete

The last step to finishing your fence is to add concrete to the bottom of the holes where you’ve sanded and filled them with gravel. This will give your fence extra stability and prevent it from bowing or buckling in high winds. 

  1. Stain Your Fence Once the concrete has cured, you can begin to stain your fence. There are many different options available, including a variety of light-colored bleaches to dark stains that allow the natural beauty of the wood to shine through.

6. Keep Your Cedar Fence Clean

When it comes to cleaning your cedar fence, you’ll want to focus on removing any dirt and debris from the area around the perimeter of your property. This will help to prevent rot and make your fence look its best. 

7. Remove any Debris Before Applying the Stain

Using a hose or garden sprayer, brush away any dirt from your fence. This will keep the wood from absorbing any other debris and allow you to stain your fence quickly and easily.