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How to Take Down a Chain Link Fence? 

Fences are a good way to delineate property lines, keep pets and kids safe, and add a little beauty to your yard or garden. However, many fences age poorly or have other issues and are no longer useful. If yours has been damaged or you’re tired of it, taking down a chain link fence can be an inexpensive and do-it-yourself project. 

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If you have a long length of fence to remove, break it into manageable sections that are easier to handle and roll up for disposal. The first step is to remove the clips that hold the fence rail to the vertical posts along its length. You will probably need a bolt cutter to do this job, but you can also use pliers or a vise grip. 

Next, remove the clamps that attach the fence to one of the corner or end posts. These clamps are usually attached by a bolt and nut. If the fence has a tension bar that runs across its top, you may need to take this out by bending it out of the chain link fencing and set it aside. 

Once the clamps have been removed from the end or corner posts, the rest of the fence is fairly easy to take down. You should be able to dismantle it in pieces, as each of the links should have its own tie. 

To break up the ties, you will likely need to buy fence pliers or a heavy vise grip. Once you have the ties broken, you can then start removing each of the individual links. You will need to be careful not to snip the ties and create sharp metal points, as this can be dangerous. 

After removing the fence ties, cut down vertically at the end of each fence section that you want to remove. This will make it easier to roll up the entire section into a tight cylindrical roll. Secure the ends of the roll with wire or a tie to prevent it from unraveling while you are storing it for disposal. 

Before tackling the job, make sure to prepare for it by removing any plants and vegetation that are clinging to or growing close to the fence. This will give you more space for working, especially if you are trying to lay down the fence as you remove it. You should also leave enough room on one side of the fence to be able to roll it up while you work. 

Depending on how large the fence is, you may need help with this task. If you have someone who is willing to assist you, the process will go much faster. You might also consider offering the fence materials to anyone who will remove it if you post them on a neighborhood social media group. 

Once the fence is removed, you can dispose of it properly by dropping it off at a scrap metal company. Some of these companies will pay you to recycle or salvage the fence material. They will also be able to haul it away for you to dispose of at a local landfill. Alternatively, you can find out if your city or county offers bulk trash pickup or a community cleanup and haul the fencing to these services.