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How to Take Down a Chain Link Fence? 

If you have a chain link fence that is in bad condition, it might be time to take it down and replace it with something more appealing. However, it’s important to understand that removing your chain link fence is not without a few pitfalls. 

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First, ensure that you have the right legal right to remove it. If the fence is in your neighbor’s yard, you may need to consult with them and give them a heads-up about your plans before you take it down. If you don’t, they may be unable to keep their pets or small children safe from you while you work on the fence. 

Taking down your fence is a big job, and one that requires specialized equipment, so if you’re not experienced in the process, you might want to hire a professional to help you get the job done. Otherwise, you can do it yourself with some basic tools. 

The most effective way to remove a chain link fence is by rolling it up. To do this, start by cutting the fence into smaller pieces. Then, roll each piece of the fence into tight cylinders. Tie them together with a rope or wire to secure the cylinders and keep them from coming unrolled. Repeat the process until the entire fence is gone. 

Once you have the rolled-up fence, remove all of the strands of wire that connect to each post and top bar. Depending on the fence, you might also need to unhook the terminal rods at the ends and corners. 

After completing the securing, it’s time to begin taking down the fence. To make the task easier, consider clearing a pathway for you and your equipment. This will allow you to move around easily and safely, as well as save on fuel costs. 

To protect your garden plants, tie up or trim any unwanted bushes and trees that are in the way of removing the fence. You can also cover desirable planters with a large container or inverted bucket to prevent them from falling over and getting damaged while you’re working on the fence. 

If you’re using a truck or handcart to move the rolled-up fence, have a friend or a family member help carry the fence out from the back of your vehicle. This will make the job much easier and less physically taxing for you, especially if you’re dealing with a long fence. 

Another option is to cut off the end of each post with a hacksaw or angle grinder. This can be a good last resort if the other options have failed, but it’s not ideal because it will leave jagged metal bases behind. 

Alternatively, you could use a jackhammer or hammer drill to break up the concrete base and release it from the base of the fence post. Both can be rented at most home improvement stores. 

Most chain link fences are set in a concrete pad, which can be difficult to remove. Rather than disturb the concrete, try digging down to expose it and then jacking out the fence posts. This is typically the fastest and easiest way to get rid of a chain link fence, but it’s not always possible.