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How to Treat a Cedar Fence?

Having a cedar fence is a beautiful addition to any home. The wood’s natural qualities make it a tough material that is resistant to rot and insects. However, like any wood, the fence will begin to show signs of wear and tear. To ensure that your cedar fence looks its best, you need to regularly clean and treat it. 

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First, you should remove all of the dirt, grime, and stains from the fence. This can be done by using a garden sprayer. You will need a hose with a nozzle that is about a foot away from the fence. You will need to wear safety glasses and gloves, as you will need to apply caustic chemicals to the fence. Using a pressure washer is also an option, but you should be careful to use only 1,500 PSI or less. 

When the fence is clean, it should be allowed to dry for at least 24 hours. If you decide to stain the cedar fence, you should use a water-resistant stain. This will help protect the fence from the weather and UV rays. Depending on the stain you choose, you may need to apply it a couple of times before it is completely dry. You should also check your fence for loose boards, and replace any missing nails. 

Once the fence has dried, you will need to apply a coat of sealer. You can find this product at your local hardware store. You will need to apply two coats to the fence to ensure that the sealer penetrates the wood and protects it. Then, you will need to wait at least five days before you can apply another coat. 

If your cedar fence has a lot of exposure to precipitation, you may want to restain it. If the fence is treated with a water-resistant sealer, it will prevent the wood from becoming a splintering and cracking mess. This sealer should be applied every three to five years. 

If your fence has a lot of mold or mildew, you will need to clean the fence using an oxygen bleach solution. Then, you will need to use a scrubbing brush to remove the bleach. Afterward, you will need to rinse the fence with clean water. 

The best way to stain a cedar fence is to use an oil-based stain, as these stains will absorb better than water-based stains. If you choose to apply a transparent stain, you will need to reapply it every two to three years. You will also need to apply a water-resistant sealer to your fence once a year. This will help protect the fence from the elements and prevent rotting and mildew. 

If you are using a solid color stain, you will need to apply two coats. These stains allow the natural color of the cedar to show through, while also blocking most of the ultraviolet light. These stains will not last as long as colored stains, but they will protect the wood better