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How to Treat a Wood Fence?

If you want to keep your wood fence looking great, you will need to treat it. Fences are constantly exposed to elements that can fade or warp the wood. This includes UV rays, moisture, and dirt. The wood itself is also susceptible to rot, mildew, and insects. These enemies of your fence can be prevented by using a water-resistant sealer and stain. 

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Before you begin treating your fence, you’ll need to make sure it is completely dry. You can accomplish this by cleaning it with soap and water. However, you can also use a pressure washer to clean it. Just make sure you use a pressure washer with the correct spray tip and that you follow the manufacturer’s directions to avoid eroding the wood too deeply. 

When you are ready to begin treating your fence, you will need to remove any loose or missing nails. For screws, you can use galvanized screws that won’t rust. Stainless steel hardware is also available. 

Next, you’ll need to brush off any dirt or dust from the wood. After that, you’ll need to wash away any excess stain. If you are applying a penetrating oil stain, you’ll need a brush. Alternatively, you can roll it into the grain of the wood. Make sure you cover every inch of your fence. 

If you want to protect your fence from sun damage, you can apply a waterproof sealer. Most home improvement stores carry these products. It’s best to choose a sealer that contains ultraviolet inhibitors. Excessive UV rays can cause graying and drying of the wood. 

You can also use a penetrating oil stain to enhance the look of your wooden fence. It should be applied with a brush, and you can choose from a variety of colors and shades. Using a paint brush will help you spread the product throughout the grain of the wood, making it more effective. 

Unlike a fence sealant, a fence stain provides a more consistent color. Fence stains are available in a variety of shades and allow you to maintain the natural color of your wood. They can also protect your fence from UV rays. 

In addition to providing protection from rot and other bugs, a fence sealant can prevent graying of the wood. Many of these products are available with ultraviolet inhibitors, which delay the process. A good fence sealant should last for at least two years before you need to reapply. 

Depending on the type of wood you use for your fence, you may need to wait up to eight weeks before applying a fresh coat. This can be a relatively simple job. You can buy tools for this job at most home improvement stores. 

After you’ve finished applying your fence sealant, you’ll need to give it a few days to dry. If you live in a humid area, you should test the sealant on an inconspicuous area of your fence to make sure it isn’t absorbing too much moisture.