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How to Twist Chain Link Fence Ties?

If your chain link fence ties are starting to get bent and loose, it may be time for a repair. Bends can be caused by fallen tree limbs, fence-hopping teenagers, or even just normal wear and tear.

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The good news is that most chain-link fence repairs are relatively simple and cost-effective. But if you notice that your fence isn’t holding up as it should, it may be time to consider replacing the entire fence.

How to Tie a Fence?

The first step in installing a new chain link fence is to set the posts into concrete. Whether you’re building a chain link fence for your home, or a commercial property, setting the posts into concrete is essential to their strength and durability.

Start by digging the post holes properly and to the correct depth. This is a process that can be done by yourself using a post hole digger or a two-person auger.

Next, make the holes a third of the post’s length plus 4 inches for gravel. This will give you enough concrete to tamp and set the posts, and will prevent the bottom of the fence from shifting.

Install Corner Posts

To make corner posts for a fence, dig holes about a foot deep and as wide as the corner post’s diameter. You’ll need a couple of posts per corner, so be sure to dig enough for all your corners.

Use a level to make sure that the posts are straight before tamping them into place. If your fence is taller than 50 ft (15 m), you should also install an anchor post of the same type as the corner posts every 30-50 ft (9.1-15.2 m) to provide additional support.

Putting the Posts in Concrete

Once you’ve made sure that your posts are plumb, fill the hole with concrete according to the manufacturer’s instructions. After a few shovelfuls of concrete have hardened, have someone help you tamp the posts into place.

You can use a standard hand tamper, but most people prefer a chain link fence post tamper. This is because it makes it easier to tamp the fence posts into the ground without damaging them.