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How to Paint Rusted Wrought Iron Fencing?

Wrought iron is a beautiful and durable material, but like all metals, it can quickly begin to rust and lose its appearance. To keep your wrought iron fence looking its best, you need to regularly clean it and apply a protective coating. It’s also a good idea to patch small rust spots when they occur to avoid them becoming too large and costly to repair. 

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How to Painting Rusted Wrought Iron Fencing?

Whether you have an ornamental wrought iron fence or just a plain ol’ chain-link one, you can give it a fresh look by painting it. Besides bringing it up to a shiny new state, repainting wrought iron can increase its value. 

To paint a rusted wrought iron fence, first, you need to remove all of the existing paint and rust. This will ensure that the new paint adheres well and that the entire fence looks even. 

Begin by using a wire brush to scrub away any loose paint and rust. This will also help the new paint to stick to the underlying iron. 

Once you’ve removed the rust and old paint, start by sanding down the surface of the wrought iron to smooth it. You can use a hand sander or a drill with a sanding wheel to make the job quick and easy. 

Next, you can apply a rust-inhibiting primer that can help prevent rust from forming on the wrought iron. There are liquid and aerosol versions of this primer, so be sure to choose the one that works for your fence’s unique design. 

The rust-inhibiting primer should dry for at least one or two hours, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. After that, you can start applying the new paint. 

Ensure the paint is properly mixed and that it’s the right kind of paint for your particular application. You can buy all-purpose rust-proofing paint or a special type of decorative paint that is specifically made for wrought iron. You can also purchase a paint conditioner that will help the rust-resistant paint stick to the surface and keep it from peeling over time. 

Now you need to spray a couple of coats of the rust-inhibiting primer onto the fence’s surface, making sure to spray all of the divots and nooks. Doing this will ensure that your new rust-resistant paint will adhere to the fence evenly and smoothly. 

Once the rust-inhibiting primer has dried, you can apply two fairly thick coats of rust-resistant paint to your wrought iron fence. This is important because you don’t want to have any drips or splatters that could ruin the surrounding area. 

For your protection, it’s a good idea to wear work gloves and safety glasses. If you are working with a lot of iron dust, it’s a good idea to use a face mask as well. 

When you’re finished with the painting process, be sure to document your work by taking pictures of both the bare fence and the finished result. This will make your project easier to follow if you need to refer back to it later.