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What Are the Best Screws For Wood Fencing? 

If you are looking for screws for wood fencing, there are several different types to choose from. The key is to find the right ones for your application. To make the best choice, consider the type of wood you are installing the fence on, as well as any preservatives or other materials you may use. 

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Stainless steel is a great option for your fence, as it provides rust resistance and can be used on a variety of different woods. These screws have a smooth finish that makes it easy to insert. Stainless screws do not require pre-drilling or stripping. They are also durable, and will not discolor your fence or leave unsightly rust stains. However, they are relatively expensive. 

The next best option is a polymer coated screw. These are the most durable, and are also the lightest. This is ideal for applications that involve softer woods or less rigorous construction. Polymer coatings are made with four layers, and can be quite resistant to corrosion. Another option is the silicon bronze screw. It’s made of metal alloy, and it is excellent for wood fences that are near water. But these screws are more expensive than the other options. 

For projects that are outdoors, or that are exposed to harsh weather, the Hillman Group 47693 is the way to go. This series of screws features a Phillips head drive, and is suited for a wide range of outdoor wood projects. Their screw heads have a protective coating, which helps prevent rust and staining of the wood. 

FastenMaster GuardDog screws are sturdy, and have been tested in ACQ, copper azole, and redwood. They come in a variety of sizes, and they are designed to provide the strongest hold possible. They can be installed with a number of different drives, including a square driver or a Philips driver. While they do not come with a star drive bit, they are still strong enough to hold up to the stress of pressure-treated wood. 

The FastenMaster FMGD158-75 is an excellent option for treated or untreated woods. It has a sharp point that allows for a coarse grip, and the threading is protected by a coating that helps to prevent fading. This screw can be used with a square or Philips driver, and it has a color wash to match tan or brown wood. 

If you have a pressure-treated wood project, you should opt for a galvanized screw. The zinc coating helps to protect the wood against rust, and it also prevents the wood from discoloring. Similarly, stainless screws are highly recommended for any wood project that involves a lot of outdoor use. 

When you are choosing screws for your wood fence, it’s important to select the correct material and size. The thickness of the screws you purchase will determine how well they will hold up over time. Also, don’t forget to choose a sturdy impact driver. Screws are much stronger than nails, and they stay put longer.