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What Are the Metal Poles Called That Hold Wiring Fencing? 

Wire fences are used to contain livestock and keep predators out. This type of fencing can also be used to separate areas within a business. The metal poles that hold the wire fencing must be strong enough to resist bending, twisting, or breaking. 

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Woven wire fences are one of the strongest types of fencing available. They require no galvanizing, so they are very resistant to rusting. They are also extremely durable and can withstand high wind loads. They are usually vinyl coated to improve their appearance and protect them from the elements. 

Stainless steel is an alternative to welded wire fences, and it is very durable. It is not prone to rusting and can be used in saltwater environments. Its rust-resistant properties make it an ideal choice for farm and ranch applications, especially when it is used to contain livestock. 

Poly wire is a form of electrified fencing that uses brightly colored fiber strands. These strands are twisted with conductive wire, which makes the fencing electrified and safe for livestock. It is more expensive than electrified woven wire, but it is more flexible and effective in keeping livestock from becoming entangled or panicking. 

Bracket arm cylinder 10 has end slots 11 and 12 that accommodate electric fence wires. This bracket may be fabricated from a plastic cylinder, such as PVC or rigid plastic tubing, or it may be injection molded. 

The cylinder is placed on the flange of a metal post 26 with a wire tie 24 installed to attach it to the post. The cylinder is sized to accommodate the desired distance between the two wires 19 and 21 on either side of the bracket arm, and it can be spaced to accommodate different corner configurations. 

When installing a field fence, be sure to stretch the wire before securing it to the post. This is important because if the wire is under-stretched, it will sag and become useless. Using a come-along to pull the wire tight on one corner, then securing it to the post with staples and wrapping the excess around the main line will ensure that your fence remains strong and secure. 

Another way to connect a wire fence to a metal pole is by using a support bracket. This bracket is a simple structure that is made to work with a flange on a metal fence post. It has slots for the electric wires to run through and it can be positioned at different angles to allow the wires to run parallel on both sides of the field fence or garden. 

This method is not recommended for use in very dry areas. The flanges on metal fence posts are usually not designed to handle the stress of electric wire, which is why you need to use a support bracket in these situations. 

The most common wire for electric fences is galvanized steel. Although this type of wire is more expensive than aluminum wire, it conducts electricity four times better. It will last the lifetime of your fence and is an excellent choice for containing livestock or preventing predators from entering a property.