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What Do You Call the Pointy Tops on a Wrought Iron Fence? 

If you have ever looked at a wrought iron fence, you have likely noticed that it features a lot of vertical pieces. These are known as spires, and they are spaced about six inches apart. These are important to the fence’s stability and integrity, as they help hold it together. 

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Spires are usually topped with ornamental pieces called finials, but there are also some other types of decorative pieces that can be found on a wrought iron fence. Some of these are scrolls, which are shaped like a curving circle. 

Scrolls are often paired with other decorative pieces, such as leaves and flowers. Other ornamental elements include arcs and flourishes, which can be made of metal or glass. 

Wrought iron is a durable and beautiful option for your fencing needs, and it can enhance the look of many different home styles. It also adds security and can be used to keep unwanted animals out of your yard. 

What Do You Call The Pointy Tops on a Wrought Iron Fence?

There are a few different names for the spiky tops on a wrought iron fence, but the most common is the spire. The spiky tops of the fence are important, as they can make it difficult for people to scale the fence. 

The spires on a wrought iron fence are important to the overall design of the fence. They are a major element of the fencing’s appearance, and they can be decorated with anything from scrolls to fleur-de-lis. 

Ornamental Pickets and Finials

The most traditional wrought iron fence features decorative pickets that are welded to the rails of the fence. They can be made of hollow steel, which saves on material costs, or they can be crafted from cast iron. 

These can be adorned with everything from dished or single leaves to classic flora like roses. They can be curved, flat, or squared off. 

Another decorative option for a wrought iron fence is a spear-like top on pickets. This is a very popular option for ornamental fences because it adds a unique and interesting accent to the overall design. 

Some high-end manufacturers use molds to create a cast-iron version of this style, but these can be pricey. 

In addition to ornamental wrought iron fences, there are also decorative wrought iron gates that can be installed on your property. These gates are a great way to protect your kids from dangers while adding a touch of elegance to your home. 

A wrought iron gate is an excellent choice for homes that have children and pets, as well as for those who are concerned about privacy. They can be crafted to match any home style, from Victorian to contemporary. 

Ornamental wrought iron fences can be customized with different ornamental options, including curls and arcs. They can be powder coated, which can give them a glossy finish and increase their durability. 

If you want to customize your wrought iron fence, you may choose an arched top, which is a common artisan option that evokes classic Greek and Roman styles. This is a popular choice because it creates a sense of timeless beauty and elegance.