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What Does it Cost to Install Wood Fencing? 

When it comes to installing wood fencing, there are many variables that can impact the final cost. The type of wood, the size of the fenced area, and whether or not you want to include gates or decorative elements will all play a part in determining the total cost. 

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The price of wood fence materials will depend on the type of wood you choose, and whether or not it is treated to be water-resistant. Common wood types include spruce, pine, cedar, redwood, and cypress. Spruce and pine will be on the less expensive end, while redwood and cedar will be more costly. 

Posts & pickets (also known as “rails”) are the main components of any wooden fence, and they can be made from a variety of different woods. The cheapest option is split-rail fencing, which is typically made from recycled or unfinished wood. However, this style is not as effective at keeping people out of your yard as other types of fencing. 

If you want to give your fence more personality and flair, latticework, post caps, and toppers are popular add-ons. These extra features can increase the price of a fence, but they can also add to its appeal. 

Hardware & painting or staining

If your fence will require a lot of upkeep, it may be worth investing in a good quality, high-end fence paint or stain. This will help to keep your fence looking its best and make it last longer. 

Additional costs for a wood fence installation can include permits, land surveys, and lawn regarding. This can add up quickly, so you might be better off hiring a professional to handle the job for you. 

Expect to pay between $17 and $45 per linear foot for labor to install a fence, according to HomeAdvisor. That’s because labor rates are dependent on your location, site prep, and the materials you choose. 

There are some other hidden costs, too. For example, some counties and cities require a permit to build a wood fence, so it’s important to check with your municipality to see what permits are necessary in your area. 

A kickboard, which is a piece of wood installed at the bottom of your fence to prevent rot and decay, will also increase the overall cost of your project. A kickboard costs between $3 and $13 per linear foot, according to HomeGuide. 

The average cost of a wood fence is between $2,500 and $4,500, which includes the cost of materials and labor. This is the national average, but prices can vary significantly from contractor to contractor. 

Choosing the right wood for your fence is key to its long-term durability and appearance. Some people choose to go with spruce or pine because they are more economical, while others prefer the rich, attractive color of redwood. 

Depending on the type of wood you choose, your fence can range in price from $2 to $40 per linear foot. This can vary based on the availability of specific woods and the price of raw lumber, so be sure to ask a professional for a quote.