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What factors can impact the cost of a fence repair? 

The cost of a fence repair is often dependent on a number of factors, including the type of fencing materials and the level of damage. In addition, a complex design or difficult-to-work-with material may also drive up costs. 

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The age of the fence is another factor that can impact the price of a repair. Older fences will be more difficult to work with, and parts may not be as readily available. In addition, wooden fences that have a stain or finish can also add significantly to the project’s price tag. 

Replacing Posts and Lumber Rails.

If you’re dealing with broken posts, rotten posts, or cracked lumber rails, your fence’s structural integrity is compromised. It’s important to replace these components as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the rest of your fence. The average price to replace a post or a set of lumber rails is between $105 and $320, but it can vary depending on your local conditions. 

Replacements of Panels and Boards. 

Whether you have a wood fence or one made from vinyl, replacement panels or boards will cost between $100 and $300 per linear foot. If you’re replacing a whole fence, length can affect the cost of a repair because it is harder to work with long sections of the fence than shorter ones. 

Rust is a common problem that metal fence owners face. If your fence is in an area that is prone to humidity, it’s not uncommon for rust to develop along its entire length. When this happens, it’s best to have a professional refinish or re-paint the damaged areas for an even better look. 

Pressure Washing the Fence. 

If you have a fence that has stains or mildew growing on it, pressure washing the affected areas will help to clean it up. This process involves using unheated water that is fed into a power washer to remove any unwanted debris. 

The cost of a pressure washing job can range anywhere from $150 to $235, depending on the size and condition of your fence. This can be a good option for older fences that need a fresh coat of paint or for newer fences that have become encrusted with weeds and dirt. 

Ground Erosion and Leaning Fencing. 

When your fence is leaning or sagging because of soil issues, the problem can be a significant one. It can lead to further problems down the road, and it can ruin the appearance of your entire yard. A contractor can install support braces ($60 to $150) or lay a concrete foundation, which can cost between $125 and $2,300. 

In addition to these common issues, there are many other things that can impact the overall cost of your fence repair. Those include the type of fencing material, the level of damage and the size of your yard. 

While fences are often expensive to build, they can last a lifetime if you keep them properly maintained. However, if your fence is more than 15 years old or it’s starting to fall apart, the time has come to get it fixed.