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What Is Cheaper Wood Or Vinyl Fence? 

If you are looking for a new fence for your yard, it is important to choose the right material. There are many materials to choose from, but two of the most popular types include vinyl and wood. Both of these options have their own advantages and disadvantages, which can make choosing the right one for you a bit tricky. 

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What is cheaper wood or vinyl?

When it comes to a fence, both options are great for keeping your property safe. However, some homeowners may be wondering which option is cheaper – a wood or vinyl fence. 

While both wood and vinyl fences have a classic style, each offers distinct advantages. Let’s take a look at how they compare based on seven essential properties- durability, aesthetics, property value, cleaning and maintenance, repairs and replacement, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness. 

Durability: Usually, vinyl fencing lasts longer than wood fencing and is more resistant to rot, insect infestations, and other natural weather conditions. It is also more fire-resistant than wooden fences. 

Aesthetics: Vinyl is generally more attractive than wood, especially in more modern designs. It can be easily painted or stained to match any color scheme or style. 

Although it can be difficult to maintain, wood fences are a beautiful choice and come in a variety of styles. Pine, cedar, and tropical hardwoods are all available in different shades and grain patterns. They can be painted to give a fence a unique look and provide more protection against pests. 

Termites and other insects can damage a wood fence and cause it to sag or decay over time, requiring regular re-staining. A few minor stains and scratches are easy to patch up, but more significant damage will require professional repair work. 

Maintenance: In addition to needing regular staining and sealing, wood fences must be cleaned and treated to keep them looking their best. If not treated, they can deteriorate quickly in high temperatures or a rainy climate. The type of wood used can also determine the amount of maintenance it needs. 

It can sag, warp, and rot in humid areas, and is also susceptible to termites and other insect activity. Unless you treat it regularly, these problems can add up to serious expenses. 

The price of a wood fence can range from $12 to $22 per linear foot installed, depending on the species and size of the fence. This is significantly less than a vinyl fence, which can be upwards of $3,600 for 150 linear feet. 

A wood fence will need to be replaced more often than a vinyl fence if you live in a humid or rainy environment. It will also be more expensive to repair a damaged wood fence than a damaged vinyl fence. 

If you are planning on replacing your old fence, it is a good idea to get quotes from a number of contractors. This will help you to decide which option is the best for you and your budget.