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What is the Best Wood to Use for Outdoor Fencing? 

There are several types of wood suitable for outdoor fencing. In this article we’ll look at Japanese Cedar, Balau, and Cedarwood. These are all good options, but the best wood for a fence is Western Red Cedar. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, Japanese Cedar is a good choice. 

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Redwood is the most common wood used for outdoor fencing, and it is more expensive than other materials. However, it has many benefits, including durability, visual appeal, and resistance to rot and pests. It can also be stained, which helps to preserve its natural beauty. It can also withstand snow and weathering, which makes it a desirable material for outdoor fences. 

Western red cedar is a species of red cedar commonly found in the Pacific Northwest of North America. It can also be found in Canada and British Columbia. The tree grows up to 230 feet tall, and its wood contains a chemical known as thujaplicin that repels insects. Cedar is a durable wood that retains its natural color for decades. 

Japanese Cedar 

There are many reasons to choose Japanese Cedar for your outdoor fencing. It is durable and has a more natural look than Western Red Cedar. It is also more affordable than western red cedar. It is also kiln dried to 12% moisture content. In addition, Japanese Cedar fence boards have a rich color variation and can be purchased in 6′ and 8′ lengths. Whether you are looking for a fence for your privacy fence, privacy screen, or garden, Japanese Cedar is a great choice. 

If you decide to go with cedar for your outdoor fencing, you must make sure you protect it from the sun’s UV rays. You can easily protect your wood by applying a sealant. Most home improvement stores carry a variety of different waterproofing treatments. These include clear and colored coatings. Alternatively, you can apply a high-quality teak oil or linseed oil to the fence. Either way, the sealant protects the cedar from cracking, fading, and splintering. 


Ipe is one of the most popular materials for decks, fences, and other outdoor structures. It is a durable wood that lasts a very long time and has a distinctive look. The only downside to using this wood is that it is more expensive than other woods. Ipe is also more difficult to work with, so it is best left to professionals. 

When installing an Ipe Fence, it is important to use stainless fasteners to avoid fading or staining the wood. In addition to this, it is important to use sealants and carbide blades to ensure proper installation. It is also necessary to pre-drill the holes and post to ensure adequate weight distribution for the entire fencing. 


There are several types of wood used for outdoor fencing. Among these are balau, cedar, ipe, and acacia. Each of these has its own characteristics and price. If you’re looking for a fence material that will last for a long time, choose one that is resistant to the elements and the climate that it will be exposed to. If you’re on a budget, treated wood is the best option. This type of wood is treated to resist rot and insect infestation. However, be aware that treated wood is toxic for humans and animals and has mild health risks. 

If you’re in the market for an outdoor fencing solution, be sure to research the qualities of different types of wood. These woods differ in appearance, strength, and durability. You should consult a professional to find the perfect wood for your fencing project. Also, make sure to read installation instructions carefully.