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Cost of Wrought Iron Fence Per Foot 

The cost of a wrought iron fence per foot depends on the type of material used. Typically, wrought iron is made from steel or aluminum and can be customized to the homeowner’s specifications. In addition, there are many other factors that can raise or lower the cost of a wrought iron fence. 

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Depending on the style of wrought iron fencing you want, your total project costs could range from $35 to $50 per linear foot. This works out to $5,250 to $7,500 for a fence that is 150 linear feet long. 

If you are planning to add decorations and a gate, your total costs may increase. A standard wrought iron gate costs about $1,500 to $2,000, while elaborate gates can be up to $3,000 or more. 

Wrought iron is one of the most expensive fence materials, and it can be a major investment for homeowners who plan to keep their fencing looking good for a long time. In addition to a high purchase price, wrought iron requires a lot of maintenance, including scrubbing and painting it every 10 years or so. 

When choosing a fence, consider the overall look of your property and what you want it to accomplish. For example, if you are looking to create privacy in your backyard or add security, a wrought iron fence might be a better choice than a wood fence. 

A wrought iron fence will typically last 60 years or more, but it is important to take care of it well. If you don’t, rust could start to form and it will be much harder to maintain. To avoid this, plan to regularly scrub and paint your wrought iron fence. 

Before installing a wrought iron fence, you’ll need to obtain permits from your city or county. This is to ensure your fence meets building codes and regulations. It’s also a good idea to have a licensed contractor handle the project. 

Unless you have the skills and experience needed to install a fence yourself, a professional contractor is the best option for this task. They will know how to dig deep post holes, make accurate measurements, and pour concrete. 

They can also do a lot of other work, such as cutting and repairing branches and shrubs that will get in the way of your fence. They can also install automatic opening gate openers. 

Some homeowners choose to pair a wrought iron fence with brick columns for an elegant, classic look. However, if you want to combine both types of fencing, you’ll need to factor in additional costs for the brick columns and a wrought iron fence post. 

Once you’ve decided on a style of fence, you can begin your search for the right company to install it. Be sure to research companies and check their references. This will help you narrow down your options and find the best contractor for the job. 

Whether you’re installing your own wrought iron fence or hiring a professional to do it, be sure to set a budget and stick to it. This will save you money in the long run and will ensure you’re not spending more than you have to on your fence.