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What is the Name of Metal Fencing? 

Fences are a great way to protect your property, increase the value of your home and keep your yard private. They can also be a beautiful addition to your home’s exterior, adding a touch of style and class. 

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There are several different kinds of fences available in the market today, so you need to choose one that fits your needs and aesthetic preferences. Some of the most popular types of fences are metal, wood, and stone. 

Wrought iron is a favorite of many homeowners and property owners because of its classic look. It is durable and adds a sense of elegance to the yard. 

It is a good choice for security and is easy to maintain. However, it is a bit pricier than other options. 

Stainless steel is another option for fencing, and it is corrosion-resistant and can be used in saltwater environments. 

Aluminum is an excellent choice for decorative fencing and requires virtually no maintenance at all. It can be sandblasted or painted to give it a polished finish, and it is relatively lightweight. 

Steel is another popular choice for fencing and is much easier to fabricate and lighter than wrought iron. It is also more affordable than wrought iron and is very durable. 

It can be welded together or forged into panels, and it is not prone to rust. It is also a good choice for moisture-heavy environments, like ponds or swimming pools. 

In addition to a variety of styles, metal fences come in a wide range of colors. They are also available in pre-assembled panels and gates for ease of installation. 

They can be fabricated with a wide array of hardware, including hinges, latches, and sag cables to attach the rails and posts. They can also be made with a plethora of ornamental details, such as scrolls, loops, braids, and finials. 

These fences are a popular option for keeping children and pets secure without disturbing the view. They also are a good option for keeping animals, like horses, contained. 

Regardless of the material, a metal fence should always be painted or coated with rustproof paint to avoid weathering and damage. It is important to keep the paint fresh and apply it on a regular basis. 

Poly wire is a good choice for fencing around livestock because it does not rust and it can be electrified for visibility. It is also a good choice for keeping kids and pets safe because it is not corrosive and does not attract insects. 

It can be painted in a number of different ways, including using rustproof paint or a powder coating. It can also be dyed to change the color or to match your existing landscaping. 

The best option is to consult a professional who can help you select the right type of fence and offer recommendations on installation and maintenance. They can help you find a fencing contractor in your area who is experienced in the specific type of metal fence that you are looking for.