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What Paint Should I Use on Wrought Iron Fence? 

The right paint can make a big difference in the look and function of your wrought iron fence. It can also protect the fence from wear and tear, rust, and other environmental factors that can damage it over time. 

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You can find a wide range of exterior-grade paints that will work well on wrought iron fences. Oil-based paints, which are ideal for metals, offer a longer-lasting, lustrous finish that can resist weather and other elements. You can also choose water-based acrylic latex paints, which are more flexible and resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. 

What to Do Before Painting Your Wrought Iron Fence?

To ensure that your wrought iron fence will have a smooth surface, remove all rust, old paint and dirt from the surface before applying any new coats. This is a messy job, so you may want to spread out a drop cloth to catch any falling debris. 

Clean the rust and paint off of your wrought iron fence using dry methods, such as a wire brush or sandpaper. If the rust is particularly stubborn, consider spraying with an effective rust remover such as Evapo-Rust. 

Depending on the size of your wrought iron fence, you may need to remove more than one coat of rust and paint before finishing. To speed up the process, you can hire a professional to complete the job for you. 

What to Do Before Painting Your Fence?

First, you’ll need to sand the surface of your fence so that it is completely smooth. You can use a handheld sander or a power sander. If you’re sanding by hand, be sure to use a fine grit, like 60-grit, to sand away any small remaining bits of rust or paint that are embedded into the wrought iron. 

Next, apply a layer of primer made specifically for metals, such as True Value X-O Rust rust-inhibiting primer. This will help the new paint adhere better to the surface and will prevent rust from forming. 

When the primer dries, you can then use your favorite wrought iron fence paint in the color of your choice. If you’re unsure of the color, ask for help at your local paint store; it’s likely that they will have a painter who can give you advice about what will work best on your fence. 

You can also use spray paint for your wrought iron fence, but you should remember that it won’t last as long or withstand as much rain or sunlight as traditional stains will. In addition, spray paints must contain a rust inhibitor to prevent the new paint from fading and yellowing in the sun. 

What to Do After Painting Your Fence?

You’ll need a painter or a friend who can help you with the project. This can help ensure that you get the best results possible, and it can save you time and money. 

You should also plan to do this project on a day that doesn’t have too much wind so that you don’t splatter the paint all over your yard or flowers. You should also be sure to have a dust mask and gloves handy for the job. It can be very easy to get a rash or other irritation from the dust and rust that will fall on your face and hands, so make sure to wear these when you start work.