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Choosing the Right Size Metal Post For Wood Fence Construction 

When you are constructing a wood fence, choosing the right size metal post for your fencing project is an important step. Metal posts are rust resistant, and they are sturdy when installed correctly. They are also a cost effective option, since they can be replaced. You can choose from round, square, and angled posts. However, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of using different types of fence posts before you commit to one type over another. 

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The first thing you need to do when choosing the right size metal post for your fencing needs is to determine the height and width of the post. You will need a few tools to do this, including a circular saw and a nail gun. Once you have these items, you will need to make a mark with a pencil. This mark should be about a third of the height of the final fence. As you make your mark, you can use a level to make sure your post is straight. If your fence is taller than 8 feet, you will need a metal post that is a minimum of two feet in diameter. 

Next, you will need to set the fence posts. For a six-foot fence, you will need to dig a hole that is at least three feet deep. It is also important to keep in mind that you will need at least a third of the total length of your fence to be below the ground. 

The next thing you will need to do is find the appropriate brackets to attach the wood panels to the posts. These brackets are made to fit a standard 2 3/8-inch galvanized post. Most home and garden retailers carry them. But you can also order them online. 

Depending on the design of your fence, you will need to purchase the proper number of screws to mount your fence panels to the post. Screws should be at least a half inch long, and they should be self-tapping if you are using thin metal. In addition, you should make sure that the screws are strong enough to hold your fence panels in place. 

While setting your posts, you can secure them with either wire or cement. Concrete is recommended, since it will help to strengthen the posts. Wear a mask and nitrile gloves when handling cement. 

After you have the posts firmly anchored to the concrete, you can install the fence panels. To attach the panels, you will need to install the brackets. A bracket is a metal device that fits over a post, and it holds the fence in place. Although they are commonly used to hold joist hangers, they can also be used to hold up a wood fence. 

Finally, if you want to protect your fence from rot and damage, you should seal the wood post. Sealing will prevent fungi from infecting the wood. Also, if you plan on storing your wood fence for a long time, you should protect it with an acrylic or wood finish.