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Staining New Cedar Fences 

Fences are a great way to enhance your yard and protect your home. Cedar is a beautiful wood and is a popular choice for fencing because of its rot-resistance properties. It is also a durable and attractive material that will last for years. However, exposure to sunlight, water and other environmental factors can cause the natural color of cedar to fade over time. So, if you want to preserve the beauty of your fence and extend its lifespan, you will need to stain it regularly. 

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Staining New Cedar Fences

A good quality wood stain is an effective and economical way to make your new cedar fence last longer. This will help you avoid having to replace it sooner. It will also add a great deal of curb appeal to your property. 

The best wood stains are oil based and semitransparent because they have better penetrating qualities than other types of stains. They are also able to block out the damaging ultraviolet rays that can damage your wood. 

To get the best results with a wood stain, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application carefully. It is also a good idea to apply a second coat of the stain if you want more depth in the color. 

Before applying the stain, ensure that your fence is clean and dry. Remove all dirt and mildew using a brush and a diluted bleach solution. It is also a good idea to use a high-pressure sprayer to power wash your fence to remove any remaining grime or mold. 

Once you’ve removed all dirt, apply a wood brightener to the entire fence. This will help the stain penetrate deeper into the wood, ensuring that the color will be more vibrant and longer lasting. 

For added protection, you can also apply a water-resistant sealer to your fence. This will help to keep out water, snow, and ice. It will also help to prevent decay. 

You can also choose a stain that has a solid or opaque finish to help you create the perfect look for your fence. Solid stains usually need to be applied every five years or so, but opaque stains may not have to be applied at all. 

Choosing the Best Cedar Fence Stain 

The best stains are made with an oil-based paraffin oil base. These stains have great penetrating properties, and they are also resistant to moisture, UV rays and fungi. These stains are available in a variety of colors and can give your fence an elegant appearance. 

Whether you have a new cedar fence or one that needs to be cleaned, it is important to remember to thoroughly clean it before staining it. This will help to ensure that the stain can adhere properly and that it will not peel off during application. 

A high-quality wood brightener is a great way to clean your cedar fence and make it ready for staining. You can find this product at many hardware stores and home supply centers. It should be used with a brush to ensure that it gets into all of the crevices in the fence.