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Which is Better – A Vinyl Fence Or a PVC Fence? 

Vinyl and PVC are two materials that are commonly used for fencing. Both of these materials are easy to clean and durable. Choosing which one is best for your fence depends on your tastes, budget and climate. However, you should also consider that both of these fences require some maintenance and repairs. Therefore, the decision between vinyl and PVC should be based on your expectations. 

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Vinyl is a polymer material made from a resin. It is a cousin of PVC, which has similar properties. The main difference is the process in which the material is produced. This process can result in different quality of the finished product. For instance, some PVC fences look flimsy compared to other fencing options. While this may not be a significant factor, it should not be the first thing you consider when choosing between the two. 

PVC, on the other hand, is a thermoplastic. It is stronger and more flexible than wood. However, PVC is also more expensive. In addition, it is a toxic material that is carcinogenic. If you are thinking about investing in a PVC fence, you should consider the cost of upkeep. 

Compared to wood, PVC has a longer life cycle. Unlike wood, PVC has high tensile strength and compressive strength. Additionally, it is more resistant to damage caused by extreme temperatures. You can choose from many styles of vinyl fencing. They do not need to be stained or painted. A power washer can be used to clean up any messes. 

Although wood can last for decades, it does need to be maintained. Wood can easily rot. There are other types of fences available that are easier to maintain, such as metal. Lastly, there are some types of wood that are environmentally friendly. But, the type of wood that you choose will depend on your climate. 

PVC is made from the same resin, but is modified to make it more resistant to harsh outdoor elements. Several additives can be used to enhance the performance of this material. One common ingredient is titanium dioxide, which absorbs UV rays and prevents discoloration. Also, acrylic modifiers add strength and resistance to heat damage. 

If you are looking for a fence that is affordable, durable, and low maintenance, you should consider PVC. This material is more likely to be recyclable. Another advantage is that it does not need to be painted. Moreover, the color of a vinyl fence does not fade easily. 

When you purchase a vinyl fence, you can choose the color to suit your taste. Most brands use white as their base color. Some manufacturers add a rubber powder to the polymer matrix. Rubber particles have been known to help reduce chipping. These components also improve the fence’s flexibility and resistance to flexing. 

PVC is a better option for most people because of its durability and low upkeep. While it may be more expensive initially, you will save money over the lifespan of your fence.