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Missoula Fencing Company 

Missoula Fencing Company is a locally owned and operated fence contractor. They specialize in all types of fencing and take pride in offering excellent customer service and competitive pricing. They offer free estimates on fence installation, repair, and removal services. They also offer competitive installation and repair prices. To find out what type of fence is right for your needs, contact Missoula Fencing Company today. 

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Picket fences are a good choice for privacy 

Picket fences are aesthetically pleasing and are often used as decorative accents. A classic white picket fence makes a home stand out from the rest. It also blends in with the neighborhood, making it an excellent choice for neighbors who also like a classic look. Picket fences are also good for showing off a well-kept lawn. These low-set fences do not block views. 

Chain link fences are easy to repair 

If you have a chain link fence, you may be wondering how to repair it. The good news is that most damages are simple to repair. You just have to know where to look for problems, how much the damage will cost, and what steps you should take to fix it. 

Vinyl fences are flexible 

Whether you’re installing a new fence or replacing an old one, vinyl fences in Missoula are a great option. They are flexible yet durable and won’t harm animals. Additionally, they’re easy to install. 

Wrought iron fences are the most secure 

Wrought iron fences are among the most secure types of fences on the market. They are extremely durable and can last for many years. Wrought iron fences can be galvanized, which adds to their longevity. Galvanized wrought iron fences come with a ten-year warranty. Galvanized wrought iron is sealed with a protective zinc coating. A galvanized wrought iron fence is an excellent choice for homeowners seeking a fence that will not only provide the best possible security, but also retain its value for years to come. 

Wood fences are low maintenance 

Wood fences are low maintenance and inexpensive. However, if you want to enjoy the beauty of your fence for many years, you need to pay attention to its maintenance. Water, for example, can damage wood and cause rotting and fading. Therefore, you must keep water sources away from your fence. 

Vinyl fences are durable 

Compared to wood, vinyl fences do not rot or blister, nor do they allow the growth of fungus. They can last for decades, and they are also resistant to fire. Additionally, vinyl is impenetrable to pests and termites. As a result, they require minimal maintenance. 

Wood fences are easy to repair 

Wooden fences can be damaged due to insects, moisture and pooling water. If you notice discoloration or greying in the wood, it might be time for repair. You can also paint it to cover the damage and prevent future stains. 

Vinyl fences are easy to maintain 

While it may be tempting to leave your vinyl fence as is, it’s important to consider the proper maintenance. For instance, overhanging branches can damage your vinyl fence and result in the fence falling. Keeping the branches pruned will help prevent this from happening. Using a pressure washer can be beneficial in removing tough stains, but it’s important to remember that the fence must be rinsed thoroughly afterward. A natural soap mixed with a little dishwashing liquid can be applied directly to your vinyl fence. Once this is done, rinse the vinyl fence thoroughly with water.